Biscayne Bitcoin’s genesis stems from the ultimate virtue of wealth security, whereby, Bitcoin is a fundamental tool for self-actualization. We are devoted to mining and securely on-boarding newcomers into a world where new knowledge generates new wealth.

Founded by a Bitcoin enthusiast knowledgeable in the world of aviation, Biscayne Bitcoin brings Bitcoin’s information theoretic properties into everyday life by offering a method of wealth security beyond the status quo. It’s an oasis; a private beach where we encourage you to hear the waves, appreciate the universe and explore the big picture.

Biscayne Bitcoin is one of the largest Bitcoin miners in South Florida and is currently expanding into a new 17,000 Sq. ft. warehouse. Opportunity for mining is accessible not only for crypto enthusiasts, but also for common users and interested business entities.

Available for sale:

  • Antminer S9
  • Halong Dragonmint T1

We work with partners in Latin America and Africa to bring the power of Bitcoin to markets hindered by the volatility of local currencies. Biscayne Bitcoin also partners with businesses in aviation and elsewhere looking to utilize their real-world infrastructure in the burgeoning new Bitcoin economy.

Our mission is to provide knowledge on the benefits of future-proofing your business by guiding our clients towards noise-minimized investments in 5 simple steps:

  1. Listen to client’s long-term Bitcoin strategy
  2. Abstract an approach that meets future goals
  3. Detailed plan of action
  4. Implementation
  5. Complete knowledge of private key security for client’s own custody

A platform offering security and privacy with our dedicated hosting solutions providing opportunity to mine in our optimally cooled locations. We invite you on our journey to become one of the world’s most premier miners.

Our customers are able to enjoy the profits from mining bitcoin without the complexities that accompany mining hardware and operational requirements.


Safely onboarding new entrants into Bitcoin is often overlooked within the network. We know you hear a lot of noise with ICOs and Blockchain buzzword conferences, which is why we team up with Bitcoin’s esteemed thinkers, entrepreneurs, economists, and enthusiasts to provide high signal Bitcoin inputs.






Bitcoin culture is the experience of exploring the other side of an event horizon. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge from this ongoing exploration and welcome you to enjoy a subscription of high-signal inputs.